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         Concrete concentrate consist of Water, cement and aggregate. Looks simple though which require more expertise, procedure and technical knowhow. The mixture varies depends on the application and usage. Although it look similar the purpose defines the concrete product from high pressure dam construction to simple pavement laying. VRMX is coming up with varied concrete mix product for unique applications.

Self Compacting Concrete

SCC is Special concrete having self compacting, Self placing and self levelling characteristics with a finer quality in terms of surface finish and a better shaping capacity that is flexible enough to design complex structures.

High Strength Concrete

HSC is suitable for Constructing high rise structures with supreme quality and lower construction cost thereby reducing Column Size and increasing Floor Space . The construction is faster and easier. HSC is highly durable and Cohesive eases Pumping to any Heights. Mainly recommended for High Rise buildings, Bridges, Ports and Tunnels.

Coloured Stamped Concrete

CSC is decorative concrete which is Aesthetic, more durable, Sustainable mostly suitable for pavements, pool side, Landscapes, Car Parkings and drive ways. Important aspect in CSC is its Low Maintenance when compared to its alternates.

Green Building concrete

Green Building Concrete is highly environmental friendly and ensures better workability with greater durability. GBC is of good quality that controls cracking and decreases the heat of the hydration and C02 Emission that sustains the durability of the concrete.

Early Strength Concrete

ESC strengths faster and makes the process speedy and hence giving cost effective solutions. ESC reduces overall Labour cost and Equipment rentals and makes work more productive. ESC provides effective usage of shuttering materials by reducing cycling time.

Water Permeable Concrete

WPC is “No fines concrete“ developed with voids to permit water into ground to improve the ground water table. Also the same shall be planned above the drain to flow the water to nearby Canal or Pond. It helps in minimizing the water stagnation and maintains the surface clean. WPC is majorly used for rain water harvesting projects, parking lots and walk ways.

High density Concrete

The radiation shielding are done by thickening the walls, so the shield does not take up more space. HDC acts a silent guard as it has more negative buoyancy that controls the sound and the vibration. This concrete is suitable for bridge constructions, nuclear power plants and radiation therapy units.

Light Weight concrete

Light Weight Concrete is a Low Density Non – Structural Concrete with thermal and sound insulation Properties utilised for roofs, floors and Sunken Portions. LWC reduces the Dead Weight of the structure with Density ranging from 800 to 1600 Kgs/Cum.

Temperature Controlled Concrete

TCC is the concrete supplied below the ambient temperature. This concrete is mostly designed for mass concrete with large dimensions like dams, Big Rafts and Tunnels etc. This mainly deals with the differential Temperature between Core and Ambient.

Best Practices

• Concrete produced and supplied as per IS 4926 standards .
• VRMX Safety Standards applied in all operating facilities and logistics .
• Regular training and ongoing assessments for all VRMX staffs and contractor’s .
• Compliance of safety procedures implemented by all employees and contractor’s .
• VRMX operates in coordination with different government regulatory bodies and local communities to ensure quality and operational success.


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